Pandemia and Screening – Short summary of what you’ve been told

March 16, 2021 C.Bour MD

October 2020

The anxiogenic communication of Pink October campaign tries to surf on the wave of anxiety caused by the epidemic, through oncologists, and now attempts to put emphasis on screening. The world of pink is worried, women who have long been manipulated, shamelessly incited, suddenly seem to be less enthusiastic to run and even less to run for screening.

Decryption here:

November 2020

The pro-screening propaganda is intensifying in the middle of the Covid pandemic, however, with a privileged targeting of women:

A study models an increase of cancers to be expected in the next years due to delays in cancer treatment, there is no mention of screening in this study, yet the media and opinion leaders make a false amalgam and present the delays in screening as main factor of an expected excess of mortality:

February 2021

What if it would be the other way around? What if holding off on screening would be beneficial by reducing over-diagnosis and unnecessary treatment? What if we would study this?
A project is emerging:

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