An interactive decision-support tool, for you!

October the 1st

Cancer Rose - Press Release

October 1st, 2023

The French Association Cancer Rose proposes an interactive decision-support tool in three languages (French, English, German) on breast cancer screening to help each woman assess her own benefits/harms balance.

This tool can easily be used alone or with the help of a practitioner during a medical consultation.

The tool presents two versions for the balance of benefits and harms:  

  • A benefits/harms balance based on unfavorable hypotheses to screening.
  • A benefits/harms balance based on favorable hypotheses to screening.

It is possible to enter the age for the start and the end of participation in screening to obtain a personalized estimate of expected benefits (avoided deaths) and harms (overdiagnosis and false alarms) associated with screening.


Access to the decision tool possible too from the home page

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Cancer Rose is a French non-profit organization of health care professionals. Cancer Rose performs its activity without advertising, conflict of interest, subsidies. Thank you to support our activity on HelloAsso.