Mammo or not mammo?

In August 2021, publishing of the book “Mammo or not mammo?” by Dr. Cécile Bour, Radiologist/ FRANCH VERSION

  • A radiologist outlines the benefits and risks of screening mammography.
  • A guide based on questions asked by Dr. Bour’s patients brings together information and decision-making tools based on objective scientific data.

The media, health insurance, and doctors make all women aware of the benefits of breast cancer screening… but how many are aware that having a mammogram every two years carries risks

Be informed before deciding

Indeed, there are numerous risks, beginning with the risk of overdiagnosis, which can result in unnecessary and distressing examinations and treatments. Other consequences that can be harmful to women’s health should also be considered: false alarms, radiation exposure, treatment side effects,…

These risks are such that mammography screening is now the subject of a lively controversy in the scientific community. Women are kept out of this debate…

Because they were never given balanced data, some readers are likely to discover only now that the appropriateness of breast cancer screening is scientifically debatable.

Dr. Cécile Bour

In this benevolent book, the author rightly reminds us that the decision to undergo screening is a personal choice, which needs to be thought through.

My own experiences as a radiologist and discussions in the privacy of my consultations have made it clear that a woman’s decision to attend or not screening cannot be made in a clear-cut manner but is the result of a process. As a matter of fairness and ethics, it is indeed necessary to properly inform every woman.

Dr. Cécile Bour

Objective information to help each woman make HER own choice

This book is for all women who have questions about breast cancer screening or consider screening on their own or their doctor’s initiative. Based on patient questions, it provides the necessary information to aid each woman in better understanding the stakes of this screening, knowing its disadvantages, and discussing it with her doctor.

Among the questions addressed in the book:

“Is that all right? You’d have seen it if there was anything there, right?”

“You’re sure you’ll see everything if you get a mammogram, an ultrasound, or an MRI, right?” “There are ten women at my workplace. We all have screening mammograms because one of us will get it. I’ve heard it’s one in every eight! Is that correct?”

“I read that the cure rate for breast cancer is 90%. Is this true?”

“The radiologist informed me that it was a very small cancer. Isn’t it true that the earlier it’s discovered, the better?”

 “Shouldn’t mammograms be done earlier, before the age of 50?”

 “What is overdiagnosis?” “Is it really so bad to detect harmless cancers?”

The author

Cécile Bour is a Radiologist in the Metz region.

She is the president of the association Cancer Rose, which advocates for women to have access to independent and adequate information about breast cancer screening.

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