Here, independent French Medical Doctors, who met through Formindep (French Organization for Independent Medical Training) and a Doctor in Toxicology, have created this site to inform you of the most recent and relevant data on breast cancer mass screening that women have the right to know, but are deprived of information during the "Pink October" campaign in France.


Inciting messages, from organizations with links of interest that lack objectivity and transparency, as well as commercial campaigns around Pink October continue to exaggerate the benefits of breast cancer screening and minimize the risks, which are now well acknowledged.

Our goal is to inform women about the benefit-risk balance of screening in order to help them make their own informed choice.


By decoding and popularizing the most recent research findings published in the most important international medical journals, analyzing the controversy and providing a social and feminine analysis.


By providing women and interested doctors with independent information tools (brochures, videos, texts, graphs, diagrams, media library...), elaborated by our group, but also by sharing informative material from other countries that are distributed to women.

Furthermore, by providing education.

Decision-making tools

Several decision-making aids are provided below, presenting benefits and risks of organized mammography screening for women over the age of 50, without symptoms, and risk factors.
The information provided by these tools is based on scientific evidence from multiple studies conducted on various populations, historical periods, geographical areas, and methodologies, resulting from different research teams, based on epidemiological data from different countries or the consensus of experts.

The decision-making aids allow making your decision on your own or with the support of a health professional.
They describe the benefits, risks, and uncertainties associated with each option.
The decision to undergo or not undergo screening is a personal one depending on each woman's preferences and values. Whether you decide to participate in the organized screening or not, you should consult your doctor if you notice any breast symptoms or abnormalities.

All the tools presented on the Cancer Rose website have been created by independent organizations with no links of interest with industry.

Posters "Screening Breast Cancer".
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Cancer Rose is a French non-profit organization of health care professionals. 
Cancer Rose performs its activity without advertising, conflict of interest, subsidies.

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Independant information tools from other countries, that are distributed to women

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